Friday, February 19, 2016

Documented Life Project 2016

Hi! I'm Lois! Welcome to my blog. I am this weeks featured member for the Documented Life Project 2016. I was so excited when Sandi asked me to be a featured member. Of course, then I panicked and tried to think of a way to back out. But I decided to suck it up and just get busy and get my fingers messy!!

I haven't been getting much time in my art room. My mother-in-law had to have two major surgeries in the last three months. It has taken up most of our free time. Thankfully, she is starting to get some strength back and we are hopeful that she will be able to stay by herself in a few months.

So with no time in the art room I was feeling a little rusty. This week all I had to do was a List Ten and a PAC... How hard could it be, right? Harder than I thought!!!!

So after procrastinating as long as possible I finally sat down to work on my project. First, my List Ten:  List Ten things I should have never done... WHAT? Really? Well, I thought of ten (or 20) things I should have never done, but I didn't really want to share it with the world. So, I decided I would figure out a way to cover up my list. Then I had to come up with a PAC for this week. The prompt, Add a Gratitude... Easy Peasy!! NOT!! I must have started that thing 20 times. I wanted it to be my style. So, what is my style? Do I have a style? CRAP!!! NO!! Well I do love to play with my watercolors!! So I finally decided to start there.

I chose a paraphrase of a verse from the Bible that says it all. "He fills my life with Good Things." Psalm 103:5. Yes He does. And I am grateful!! And I probably don't thank Him enough!!!

I decided to attach my PAC to my List Ten. So I had some photo corners that I received from a friend and attached it to the cover that way.

The cover didn't want to stay closed so I decided to add ribbon.

I used the ribbon from our kit and dyed it the way Rae taught us in her video the first week. I love the vibrant colors!!

After that I glued on a List Ten logo from our downloads. Finished!! Phew!!!

Thank you Sandi, Rae and Lorraine for this opportunity to step out of my comfort zone and share my art with you all. And thanks to you all for stopping by.
For twenty bucks, I'll let you see my List Ten!!   JUST KIDDING!!! Have fun!!!!